Yealink T41P Lagos – Ultra-Elegant IP Phone

VOIP technology has made communication easy and convenient. Transitioning from the conventional system to IP system in all ways is beneficial for the business where it brings customers closer, strengthens business relationships, make the customers satisfied, improve productivity and efficiency, reduce the call rates and so. IP phones play a crucial role to delivering quality communication. When it comes to the selection of IP phones, it is wise to consult with a telephony provider who deal with the branded IP phones available in the market. Datavox is a leading telephony provider in Lagos Nigeria that is specialized to offering various IP solutions in Lagos Nigeria. Communication infrastructure always need powerful solutions and systems for an effective communication. As a responsible player in the market, we prefer Yealink IP Phones for an enriched customer experience. Given the advanced features and functionalities, Yealink T41P IP phone Lagos is certainly a wonderful choice for the evolving business in Nigeria.


Enhancing communication with Yealink T41P IP phones Lagos Nigeria

Yealink is the leading player in the industry committed to delivering high end IP phones to the various communication purposes. With the exceptional features, these phones are designed to varies enterprise needs. The company comes with Desktop IP phones, Skype for business HD IP phones and Wireless IP phones. In the Desktop IP phones category, there comes different models. Yealink T41P IP phones fall in the category of T4 Series IP phones.

Why you need to choose Yealink T41P IP phones Lagos for your business in Nigeria?

Yealink T41P IP phone is the one with state of the art features and options. Hence the reason, it is the most preferred option for many businesses. Along with the calling and other features, it delivers awe-inspiring sound quality that take customers to a great calling experience. It also produces good visual treat as well to the users. The programmable keys make it more user-friendly and convenient and with the advanced calling features it certainly is the best choice for your growing business. Yealink T41P IP phones Lagos does not settle with these features, the security protection mechanism available in this model looks inspiring and is the trust worthy solution.

The features tell the reason why you should go for the Yealink T41P IP phones Nigeria

  • High end design
  • Yealink Optima high definition Voice
  • Support up to 16 SIP accounts
  • Support Power Over Ethernet
  • Flexible provisioning options
  • Call forwarding and call waiting
  • Support 3-way conference call
  • Call on hold
  • Group listening and Call return
  • Emergency call and hotline
  • And more

Being a main distributor of Yealink IP Phones in Lagos, Nigeria we have the right phone systems for your business needs. We also take the job of business telephone system installation for various enterprises in Nigeria. We are the leading IP telephony provider that is capable to design and implement IP solutions for varied business communication requirements. With our unparalleled solutions, the enterprises get the best communication experience that allow business to stand out from the rivals. To know the details on various Yealink IP phones Lagos, Nigeria, contact us.

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