Yealink T23G Lagos- New Level of Entry Level Phones

It is noticeable that businesses are implementing IP solutions for cost effective and clear-cut communication. A major change in the way business communicate has happened with VOIP technology. As technology become easily available it is wiser for the business to accept this. This technology has many advantages as compared to the traditional systems. As a core element of the telephone systems, IP phones have a greater role to bringing flawless communication over the networks. It is vital therefore that you should have best IP phones for your business. Lagos – the largest commercial city of Nairobi – is emerging fast. To expand business beyond the country limits, superior communication structure is vital. Datavox has years of experience to providing telephony services with Yealink IP phones to industries across Lagos, Nigeria. Yealink T23G IP phone Lagos is an excellent product that is equipped with latest features and is the reasonably accepted system across business throughout.


Improving communication with Datavox Lagos

Datavox is reckoned as the industry experts to providing IP telephony in Nigeria. As a Yealink distributor in Lagos, the solutions we provide with the Yealink IP phones Nigeria will keep your business on top. Yealink has the legacy as the leading manufacturer of high end business IP phones in the world. Among the line of products, Yealink T23G IP phone Lagos is the best since it is intended for the fast-changing business environment. Having a glance at the overview of Yealink T23G IP phone Lagos will help you get an idea before you make a purchasing decision.

Yealink SIP T23G phone for better communication structure

Yealink SIP-T23G has extensive features and functionalities that makes the phones a great option for the business in Lagos. It enables the companies to bring the customers closer and enhance the productivity. Designed to make the communication better, the Yealink SIP T23G phone comes with High definition technology. Owing to this feature, it produces clear and life like voice communications. Also, it facilitates a flexible deployment. Being proved as a cost-effective IP solution, it allows users to refine the business processes, delivering a powerful and consistent communication experience for small and large offices environment.

Some its features

  • High definition voice
  • Support for headsets
  • Simple and secure options
  • Support 3 SIP accounts
  • Call on hold
  • Support for Local 3-way conferencing
  • Call transferring, Call waiting and call waiting
  • Auto answer
  • Brilliant search method
  • Anonymous call rejection
  • Call recording
  • Phone lock for personal privacy protection
  • Caller ID with name, number
  • Option for national language selection
  • Support IPV6
  • High level security

Being the main supplier of Yealink IP Phones in Lagos, Nigeria we have the suitable solution for your business needs with the varied models of Yealink phones. We also carry out the business telephone system installation for the enterprises in Nigeria. We are the leading IP telephony provider that is capable to design solutions for varied business communication requirements. With our unmatched solutions, the enterprises get the best communication experience that allow you to stand out from the competitors. To know the details on various Yealink IP phones Lagos, Nigeria, contact us.