Yeastar Mypbx U100 Lagos IP PBX for Business VoIP Phone

The Yeastar Mypbx U100 Lagos is an excellent appliance with lots of features, and it is an ideal business for small to medium-sized business users. It is a rack mount model to make almost 25 concurrent calls and it supports network access to VoIP, PSTN, and ISDN BRI. The device is famous for optimum performance, stability, and compatibility, and it is an excellent choice for business communication. The scalability of this device is excellent, and it can be expanded according to the needs of your company. The device is equipped with an audio input and output port. It has incomparable features that are easy to deploy. The Yeastar Mypbx U100 is famous for its perfect interoperability with mainstream IP phone brands like Grandstream, Polycom, Cisco, Astra, etc.

YEASTAR MYPBX U100 LAGOS Yeastar Mypbx U100 Lagos Nigeria

Highlighted Basic and Advanced Features

  • Support for 100 users and 25 concurrent calls
  • 16 Analog ports, FXO/FXS
  • Call routing, transfer and caller ID
  • Supports DID and distinctive ringtones
  • Paging and zone paging
  • Easy to use
  • Modular Technology
  • Match your IP phone
  • No licensing fee in the future
  • Enhanced security Energy Saving
  • Call back, forward, parking and routing facilities
  • Caller ID
  • Music on hold and transfer
  • Direct Inward System Access
  • (DISA)
  • Distinctive Ringtone
  • Mobility Extension
  • Dial by Name
  • One touch recording
  • Polycom IP Phone
  • QoS (voice quality)
  • Route by Caller ID
  • Spy functions (Normal Spy, Whisper Spy, Barge Spy)
  • Static Route

Tips to Configure your Yeastar Mypbx U100

It is easy to configure Yeastar Mypbx U100 Lagos through the web interface to route both incoming and outgoing calls to Callcentric. You can browse simple menu options to administer the web interface. Following are some simple steps for your guidance:

  • Log into the Yeastar Mypbx U100 Lagos administrative interface and hit on PBX on the top menu bar. You can click on the extension options and by default, there are some pre-defined extensions. You can add new extensions at the top of the loaded page. You need to enter the number, name, and password for the extension and save your settings to continue.
  • You need to define a new SIP trunk on the PBX and for this purpose, you need to locate the link from the side menu bar on the left. By hitting on the “Add VoIP Trunk” button, you will get a separate window.
  • You can add an inbound rule, set your SIP and configure the test to choose your desired user agent. After configuring everything, you need to hit save button to save all settings and open the next page.

The Yeastar Mypbx U100 Lagos is excellent for the customers of different countries because they can install it in their local language for GUI and voice prompt. The user-friendly web configuration panel will help you to access all settings. You can add extensions, make and receive calls through PSTN lines. It is an excellent choice for your business communications

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