Yeastar Mypbx U200 IP-PBX VoIP System for Business

The Yeastar Mypbx U200 Lagos delivers business-grade facilities, and this workhorse is designed for the companies. It can provide almost 50 concurrent calls and support 200 users for excellent performance. It supports PSTN, ISDN BRI lines, GSM/UMTS networks, and VoIP. It has audio input and output parts, and no one can surpass its amazing features. It is a great choice for your business use. It can increase your productivity because you can handle cheap communication with your customers. This embedded system requires less space, and you can smartly adjust it in your office. It is ideal for many countries because, with multi-language support, it is possible to configure this system in your language.

Yeastar Mypbx U200 LAGOS Yeastar MyPBX U200 Lagos Nigeria

Highlights of Yeastar Mypbx U200

  • Modifiable combination of FXO, FXS, BRI, GSM and UMTS modules
  • There is worry about the licensing fee because the unit is easy to plug and play without a license
  • The Yeastar Mypbx U200 Lagos supports hot standby settings in case of any problem in the server
  • It can save your energy because it consumes low powers; hence, it is considered a green device for your office
  • It can complement your IP phone because of its perfect interoperability with famous IP phones
  • The device has basic call handling features and advanced IP-PBX features
  • You can use it to full capacity because the configuration templates are easy to modify
  • The Yeastar Mypbx U200 offers multi-language support
  • Embedded system consumes low power and offers excellent interoperability
  • The additional licenses are available for added features like call recording, billing system, hotel modules and clients
  • The datasheet of Mypbx U200 provides more details.

The Yeastar Mypbx U200 Lagos offers excellent facilities like faxes to email and detection of incoming faxes. The system voice prompt provides support for different languages, such as English, French, Italian, German, Greek, Russian, Spanish, Korean, and Swedish, Arabic, Thai and many more. The web interface is also available in different languages like English, Chineses, Turkish, French, German, Persian, etc. The system has capacity for 200 IP phone users, 50 concurrent calls, 512 MB onboard Flash and RAM. The hardware interface includes 1 LAN port, 1 WAN port, 16 FXO ports, 16 FXS ports, 8 BRI ports, 8 GSM ports, 8 UMTS ports, 1 audio input port, and 1 audio output port. Red LED is an indication for FXO, GSM, UMTS, green is for FXS, and the orange is for BRI.

Advanced Facilities

The Yeastar Mypbx U200 Lagos is quite secure and easy to use because you can get security for Firewall, SIP TLS transport, and RTP encryption. The call recording services will help you to secure all important records. The users can get direct inward system access and convenience to add more extensions. The system provides provisioning for Cisco, Yealink, Snom, Aastra, Polycom IP phone. You can route calls with the help of caller ID, and the redundancy is available for server failure. The spy functions like normal, whisper and barge spy are its advanced features.

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