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Technology plays a pivotal role in infrastructure development of a business. In the communication landscape, there has been tremendous development with the inception of VOIP technology. Now the communication has become cheaper, business became productive and efficient, bring customers closer and so many benefits. When it comes to business in Lagos, Nigeria, it is important for the business to have a robust communication solution. When it comes to the communication requirements in Lagos Nigeria, it is good to rely upon the best telephone systems. A reliable and experienced IP telephony provider in Nigeria can develop solutions for your enterprise.

Enriching your business with Avaya systems Lagos, Nigeria

Avaya is considered as the leading manufacturer engaged with the manufacturing of world class systems including the IP Phones, conferencing systems and IP PBX systems. It’s the exceptional technology that drive business across world to truly depend on Avaya systems to fulfill their communication needs. Being an experienced IP telephony provider, we at Datavox is confident about setting up infrastructure with Avaya PBX systems. Taking into consideration of all your needs, it is wise to invest in Avaya Systems

Avaya Remote Office & Voice Mail

Many companies are branch offices in various locations. Providing both seamless communications and usage of advanced productivity tools through the entire organization without wasteful duplication of investments is vital to survival and growth of a business. Avaya’s PBX provide networking capabilities to enable one particular centralized voicemail system for call coverage through the entire organization in addition to private networking to improve effective team operations and connectivity between systems more than a converged backbone. These capabilities are offered without large dedicated investments or high re-occurring expenses.


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Avaya IP Office platform – A way to accelerating business growth

Avaya IP Office is truly a superb IP PBX product armed with cutting edge telephony features. It is capable to deliver faultless communication solution to industries of all sizes. Its ability to function in PBX mode or key system make this a favorable product. With IP office platform, you can change the way your business communicate and interact with the customers. Here are some of the advantages in employing Avaya IP PBX system

  • Creating a seamless user engagement: Users can experience telephony features, video and unified communication irrespective of their locations and devices
  • It’s purely is scalable: You can add more users to the system as your business grows. Permitting to expand from as few as 5 users to 3000 users in a single site, Avaya IP Office platform definitely is a choice for organizations.
  • Enhances productivity and efficiency: it let keep employees in touch with a single number. Allow employees to work remotely with the same communication options as they do in office. This systems allow any mobile number or landline number to be used as an office extension number.
  • Great return on investment: By simplifying the communication, it reduce communication charges on long distance calls. Avaya IP PBX system take advantage of lower IP based voice network features.

We help enterprises to effectively engage their customers and staffs to experience a higher productivity with the Avaya IP Office platform PBX system Nigeria.

The editions of Avaya IP 500 PBX system Lagos

The functionality of this system is determined by the type of license it has. License type includes basic edition, essential edition and Avaya IP office essential.

Basic edition: The basic edition license support up to 20 users with simple phone requirements. Another license is there that is Avaya Essential Edition License which is designed to business who need traditional small PBX functions. Basic Edition license can upgrade any time to Essential Edition without replacing existing equipment or licenses.

Avaya IP Office Essential: This license enable business to enjoy advanced solutions. It support the ability to send voicemail messages by e-mail thus increasing the efficiency of staffs. Automated Attendant: Incoming calls are forwarded directly to the proper destination using simple rules.

Enriching business communication with Avaya IP Phones Nigeria

To simplify business communication, Avaya introduce wide assortment of IP phones. As an Avaya Distributor in Nigeria, we have the right kind of Avaya IP phones that fulfill your communication requirement.

The portfolio of some of Avaya phones includes:

  • 9600 series IP Desk phones
  • 1600 series IP Deskphones
  • 1400 series IP Deskphones
  • 1200 series IP deskphones
  • 1100 series IP deskphones

9400 series Digital Deskphones and 9500 series Digital Deskphones are the other series of Avaya IP phones that deliver brilliant performance in terms of sound and delivery.

Avaya Telephone System

Avaya Support & Avaya Installation

Fulfilling your business communication requirements using Avaya Systems Lagos, Nigeria

It is vital to keep the customer relationships stronger, as they are the key to any business. Having a strong business telephone systems Lagos will enhance the customer communication. Being an important telephony provider, we leverage our potential with the suitable Avaya systems Nigeria.

As a major Avaya distributor in Nigeria, our solutions with Avaya IP PBX systems and Avaya IP phones Lagos will deliver merits to the enterprises in Lagos. Apart from providing Avaya installation in Lagos, Nigeria we are focused to provide post implementation support and system maintenance. We at Datavox Lagos are skilled to offering solutions to industries across wide domains such as hotel industry, financial sectors, educational institutions, hospitality industry, government organizations etc…

If you are in a thrust to improve business communication needs in Lagos Nigeria, it is worth to rely on Avaya telephone systems Lagos. We are excellent at creating solutions using the Avaya IP PBX systems Lagos. Headquartered at Nigeria, our services are available in other regions of Lagos as well. Contact us to know about the best solutions using Avaya business phone systems Nigeria.

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