Datavox offers Video conferencing system Lagos (VC) could be the conduct of your business video conferencing (also referred to as a video conference or video teleconference) with a list of communication technologies which permit several locations to speak by simultaneous two-way audio and video transmissions. They have been called ‘visual collaboration’ and is also a kind of groupware.

Video Conferencing Lagos is different from videophone calls for the reason that it’s meant to serve a conference or multiple locations instead of individuals It’s an intermediate type of video telephony.

Videoconferencing uses video and audio telecommunications to create people at different sites together. This could be as easy as a discussion between individuals private offices (point-to-point) or involve several (multi point) sites in large rooms at multiple office locations. Aside from the audio and visual transmission of meeting activities,  videoconferencing technologies enables you to share documents and display info on whiteboards.


Main components necessary for a videoconferencing system Lagos include:

  • Video input: videocamera or webcam
  • Video output: computer monitor, television or projector
  • Audio input: microphones, CD/DVD player, cassette player, or another way to obtain PreAmp audio outlet.
  • Audio output: usually loudspeakers linked to the display device or telephone
    Data transfer: analog or digital telephone network, LAN or Internet
  • Computer: An information processing unit that ties together another components, does the compressing and decompressing, and initiates and maintains the information linkage through the network.


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Grandstream Video Conferencing Lagos

Grandstream Video Conferencing System Lagos

The Grandstream GVC3200 Video Conferencing is really a game-changing video conferencing system Lagos which combines the effectiveness of SIP, the expandability of the cloud platform and also the flexibility of Android. The Grandstream Video Conferencing System Lagos GVC3200 is a ground-breaking solution that provides smaller businesses an innovative video conferencing system.By featuring one powerful piece of hardware that includes a built-in MCU, the GVC3200 is installed in just 3 simple steps, making implementing video conferencing as easy as possible. Even better, the GVC3200 comes with everything you need to setup, install and use it. With Grandstream Video Conferencing system Lagos you can schedule your conference calls, Share  your presentation, even configure your telephone system to work with GVC3200. By configuring your telephone system with GVC3200 you are getting the ability to invite your telephone users to bring in to your conference.

  • Easy Deployment- Open standard SIP supported GXV3200 Video Conference system takes a 2-step installation without the extra equipment.
  • Simple to use – Plug and play connection to laptops for screen-sharing.
  • Easy Interoperability – The GVC3200 Offers Unparalleled Flexibility.
  • Advanced Video Support – 1080p HD Video Support for 3 monitor outputs along with a PTZ camera with 12x zoom.
Polycom Video Conferencing Lagos

Polycom Video Conference  System

Polycom is the worldwide innovator in telepresence, HD video conferencing, and audio conferencing solutions – a visionary in communications that empower individuals to connect and collaborate everywhere.Polycom is simple to work with ,Communicate Faster, Collaborate Easier

With Polycom video conference system Lagos, telepresence, audio conferencing and content sharing solutions, your teams can immediately set out to improve communication and collaboration.When you are able lessen the travel associated with necessary business conferences, you cannot help to decrease your operational expenses. Actually, polycom v conference users well aware of the costs saved through the elimination of travel for your international meeting has covered the price of a video conferencing solution.

Polycom Video Conferencing Lagos is extremely life-like, immersive, natural, and simple to use that the problems of distance melt away. With Polycom, the technology becomes invisible and just what remains would be the things people say and also the collaborative decisions they create.

Polycom video conference system Lagos also promote faster decisions since participants can easily communicate to each other in a life like experience.Call us today to get the best valued proposal the exactly match your business needs.

Yealink Video Conferencing Lagos

Yealink Video Conference System Lagos

Yealink, the worldwide SIP phone providerhaving the new range of full HD VC series video conferencing system Lagos , including VC400 (for headquarters), VC120 (for branches) and further CP860 Audio-Conference IP phone. In accordance with the Easy Collaboration concept, Yealink VC series is developed with powerful functions that enable business users to experience multi-point video collaboration in varied web-based environments as well as on multiple devices, profiting from the series’ extensive compatibility and versatile interoperability. Geared towards SMEs, Yealink VCS series ensures a great balance among top quality, ease-of-use and cost-efficiency.

Yealink VC series  video conference system has committed to advanced HD video technologies that deliver realistic face-to-face communications for remote participants, including 18x optical zoom HD camera and 360-degree omnidirectional pickup microphone. Its built-in powerful MCU allows four-sited 1080p video along with a 1080p content sharing.
Moreover, despite having such high-definition audio and video experience, VC series needs no additional dedicated network (1080P at 1Mb bandwidth, 720P at 512Kb), backed up by the H.264 Much talked about technology as well as its intelligent network adaptability. This advantage relieves SME users from your financial burdens of upgrading the company’s Network.

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