NEC Business Telephone Systems Lagos

Upgrading your communication infrastructure with IP based systems is vital for your business. In response to the growing communication needs, IP PBX systems come better than the traditional systems. It leverage your business with advanced features that leave positive impact on business in terms of quality and cost. It drastically reduce communication cost and improve business productivity and efficiency. Telephone systems in the city Lagos is something capable of influencing the businesses in a greater way. Once you have decided to upgrade communication infrastructure, it is worth to implement with NEC telephone system Lagos. Being a leading telephony provider in Lagos, Datavox is specialized to providing solutions with NEC business telephone system Nigeria.


Offering solutions with NEC telephone systems Nigeria

NEC is reckoned to be the leading manufacturer of communication systems to the varied business requirements. The NEC systems Nigeria is a versatile solution enabling organizations across country to have a better communication structure. Combining advanced features and functionalities, this IP product does satisfy customer requirement in a better way.

Datavox Nigeria is devoted to offering advanced telephony solutions with NEC telephone systems Lagos. We are equally good at designing and installing extensive IP solutions to the industries of all sizes. As a reliable provider the services you can expect from us are

  • High end telephone solutions using NEC phone systems
  • Scalable and flexible solutions
  • Meeting your varied communication requirements
  • Post implementation support, maintenance and service

Improving customer experience with the different models of NEC systems

To enhance setup, NEC has wide range of IP PBX systems and IP phones. Come with advanced features and functionalities, these systems are the perfect solution for your growing business. It comprises of the series including NEC SL100 and NEC Univerge SV9000.

NEC SL100: NEC SL100 IP PBX systems are the perfect companion for your immediate communication requirements. It has the advanced features and solutions that are ideal for the small to medium business requirements. Some of the highlights of this model are

  • The functionalities makes this product worth to the business. It really is a great investment for your business.
  • With the hybrid ports, it provides seamless integration with the IP phones, faxes and telephone lines.
  • The system is scalable enough to accommodate more trunk lines as your enterprise grows
  • The system is able to adapt to the changing VOIP trends
  • Customizable as per the business requirements
  • It is environment friendly

 Univerge SV9000 series:  Expanding organizations must be equipped with advanced solutions. NEC Univerge SV9000 series telephone systems have been designed to deliver a powerful communication solution that optimize business activities. The portfolio of systems consists of Univerge SV9100, Univerge SV9300 and Univerge SV9500.

NEC Univerge SV9100: Developed for the small and medium business environments, Univerge SV9100 is a wise option that produce excellent unified communication solution. It is a definite choice for today’s changing environment and challenges. Its features includes

  • Support to SIP: Sip technology produce versatility where it route the calls effectively. It makes the system an affordable solution to your business.
  • Combining VOIP and traditional phone system: If you want to receive a pure VOIP solution or a mixture of both VOIP and traditional phone service then the Univerge SV9100 is an ideal choice.
  • Third party application integration made easy

NEC Univerge SV9300: This phone system is powered with the cutting edge features and solutions. It allows the communication to be organized and structured. State of the art architecture supporting up to 1536 stations and 512 trunks makes this as a feasible solution for business looking for cost effective communicating set up.

  • Flexible architecture: works as both VOIP system and traditional phone system or combination of both
  • The systems are easily configured and manageable
  • Systems offers exceptional scalability: The modular architecture extends the scalability feature
  • Distinct unified communication solutions
  • Extensive contact center suite making the system ideal for small call centers

NEC Univerge SV9500: This IP PBX system enable enterprises to stand out from the rest. It has been designed to meet the communication requirements in a highly competitive and productive way. Like the previous systems Univerge SV9500 is easy to manage, scalable and versatile. It has the state of the art VOIP features to make the business communication smoother and healthier. It has the solutions to solve today’s most challenging communication needs.

  • It offers advanced Unified communications
  • Extensive contact center suite making the system ideal for call centers
  • Support to Wide range of mobility applications

About NEC

NEC Corporation has been considered as one of the leading technological companies. NEC telephone systems are versatile to produce quality communication results to the industries across globe. As a leading NEC distributor of Lagos, we have a good portfolio of systems that produce awesome results to the small to medium business enterprises.

We understand how the business telephone systems are crucial for the business. With this mindset, we deliver perfect communication solutions with NEC phone systems Lagos in a cost effective way.

We don’t only provide you with advance technology we bring forward our years of expertise and solutions to the success of your business. With such ease and flexibility, its no surprise that NEC business telephone system Lagos is best.


Communication solutions with the leader in IP telephony Nigeria

Organizations need good infrastructure to keep the business growing, particularly in the communication structure. It is evident that the success lies in the type of telephone system the business has where it improves the business customer relationships. Being a NEC distributor in Nigeria, we have perfect solutions with NEC IP PBX systems, as well we know how a good solution with NEC systems Lagos can change the business. With experienced and certified professionals, we get the best for you in an affordable way. Once you have decided to implement telephone systems for your business, consult with us and get the best solution for your needs.


Telephone Systems from NEC

NEC provides you with the right communication solution for your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a small company or a medium business; we give you the right telecommunication solutions according to your business.

What makes us better than others is despite being reliable, our solutions/systems have the ability to change with the passage of time to meet your future needs. When you buy from us, you will have a reliable support team to help you keep your business running. We provide you 24-hour support for installation to your account management.

What makes NEC Ideal?

Being one of the leading telecommunication company, NEC gives you the best system and solution that technology can offer. NEC Lagos is available to support from 2 to even 500 users at a time. We help you improve your communication to become productive and efficient. NEX offers fast, reliable and secure telecommunication from the handset to call management. Whatever your business is, communication portal, call center or messaging. We take care of your every business need including our communication and services.

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