Polycom IP 6000 Lagos-Crystal Clear Voice

Polycom is a renowned company that manufactures communication and content collaboration technology. Polycom’s annual revenue exceeds the billion dollar mark. It is regarded as the one of the biggest pure-play collaboration firm among its peers.

Polycom IP 6000 Lagos is the latest offering from the company. It is an advanced IP conference phone that is most suitable for midsized to small rooms. There are several advanced features in the device including a great voice quality and broad SIP interoperability. In simple words, the Polycom IP 6000 is a breakthrough device for IP environments that are SIP enabled.

The SoundStation IP 6000 is equipped with High Definition Voice technology that enhances productivity and reduces noise and listener fatigue. It can offer high fidelity audio ranging from two hundred Hertz to fourteen kilos Hertz. With the help of this features, the device captures the lower as well as higher frequencies about different kinds of voices during conference calls. For users, the feeling is as good as being there.


The Polycom IP6000 Lagos provides an audio performance that surpasses that of other conference phones. The full-duplex technology in the device reduces distractions and echo cancellations. The Polycom conference phone does not compromise on the quality.

There is another novel feature that is part of this device: the Automatic Gain Control. It adjusts the sensitivity of the microphone regarding the seating of the participants within the room. This allows the conversation to be clearer for each participant. Moreover, the technology installed in the phone decreases cell phone interferences and well as distractions caused by other wireless devices. This culminates in the clearest communications.

The SoundStation IP 6000 is based on the company’s great history in the VoIP technology and conference phone and seeks to provide the best SIP interoperability. It also shares the SIP-phone software base with the company’s highly successful SoundPoint IP products that are regarded as the most reliable and comprehensive SIP products available in the market.

The SoundStation IP 6000 has the best security features besides great management making it the most sought after device for carrying out meetings in the SIP-based environments. The setup is further simplified with the Ethernet PoE. There is an AC power kit also available with the device to cater to the non-PoE environment. There are a high-resolution display feature with the SoundStation IP 6000.

Some of the best features of the SoundStation IP 6000 are as follows:

  • The High Definition Voice renders the conference call more natural.
  • The device features Polycom’s Acoustic Clarity Technology, which delivers the best conferencing experience without making any compromises.
  • The microphone pickup is far greater than the previous IP conference phones.
  • The software is robust and strong. It offers greater security as well as advanced call handling.
  • The SoundStation IP 6000 features HD display enabling multi-language support and great call information.

Lagos has become one of the most important business centers in the world. Polycom recognizes the importance of Lagos in within the international business scene, as well as the need for better communication in Lagos-based offices. The SoundStation IP 6000 is very easily available in Lagos as well as the rest of the U.A.E.