DLink PBX Lagos Nigeria

Evidently, VOIP technology has brought immense changes in the communication infrastructure. The success of this technology enables business to receive cost-effective communication solutions. It let business to be more customer centric that allows improving the productivity and efficiency. In this digital age, it is beneficial for the company to upgrade telephone systems with IP-based systems. Infrastructure is fast changing in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. Telephone systems being the mainstay of the business, your decision to upgrade telephone systems with D-Link PBX systems Lagos Nigeria is appreciable. When it comes to telephony solutions in Nigeria, Datavox holds a prominent position in the domain of IP telephony. We can offer class business telephone system in Nigeria with Dlink Systems.

Developing solutions with Dlink Telephone system Nigeria

Dlink is known to the world as the leading provider of networking products. But the Dlink PBX systems have already proved its worth to offering powerful communication solutions across the world. It comes with state of the art features that extend many benefits to the users. Other products it manufactures include the IP phones, gateways, and networking equipment. Datavox is brilliant to bringing advanced solutions to Dlink business telephone system Nigeria. Being branded as the leading IP telephony provider Lagos, we offer solutions in an affordable way that bring productivity to the business. It’s the technology that makes Dlink telephone systems a preferred option for many small to medium companies.


Dlink Telephone system Lagos Nigeria

Dlink systems come with models that have been designed to satisfy various business requirements. It includes the Enterprise enhanced IP-PBX, SMB Enhanced IP-PBX, and SMB IP PBX and SMB IP PBX GSM.

Some of the models are mentioned here

D-Link enterprise increased IP-PBX – Asterisk based DVX 9000: DVX 9000 is an Asterisk based IP PBX system that is having different combinations of telephony ports. Ideally suited for the medium to large business environments, it has the efficiency to carry out the communication over the Internet in an enriched way. To make the communication better, it comes with advanced features and options. Integrated auto attendant features to direct the incoming calls to their destinations. Moreover, it has all important telephony features to make the communication faster and reliable.

Some of the important telephony features include

  • Support up to maximum 300 concurrent calls
  • Support up to maximum 800 extensions
  • Support 144 telephony ports and 32 built-in analog ports

D-LINK SMB enhanced IP-PBXDVX 8000: it is equipped with all the essential telephony features businesses of all sizes. It has the features call forwarding, call hold, voice mail and follow me. It has the capability to support up to 300 extensions. It includes a phone conferencing bridge that allows the business to schedule and invite members to the conference through the web configuration. It can use the standard phone lines through an external gateway.

The features include

  • Extra remote IP agent capabilities
  • Advanced routing
  • Automated attendant to direct incoming calls to specified locations
  • Unified messaging
  • Support up to 300 extensions and 60 concurrent calls
  • Web-based administration and monitoring
  • Advanced business calling features
  • Conference recording
  • Good save on money
  • Easy to implement and manage

D-Link SMB Enhanced IP PBX (DVX-3000): If you are looking for a perfect telephone system for your business, Dlink DVX-3000 can be the best choice. Like the previous models, it has the advanced features that support business communication in a greater way. It has Dlink’s Easy VOIZ distribution support to provide connectivity to various ports and channels.

The features include

  • Advanced calling features
  • Support up to 100 extensions and 30 simultaneous calls
  • Additional gateways to connect to external lines
  • Web-based management
  • Conference recording
  • Email notification
  • Call detail records
  • and more

Dlink IP phones Nigeria for flexible communication

Dlink IP phones are designed to deliver quality communication to the users. It certainly will enrich the business communication in a greater way. Designed for enterprises of all sizes, these IP phones comes with advanced features and functionalities. The portfolio of Dlink IP phones Nigeria comprises of Android Video IP phones and Business IP phones. The Android Video IP phone consists of the model DPH 860S

Dlink Android Video IP phone: Dlink DPH860S is one of the finest innovation by the manufacturer. Combines with the audio, video and other applications, DPH860S is a robust solution to business. It has wide scope of use in all kind of busy environments. It is enriched with the advanced telephony features and functions. It develops a great meeting experience over the net, allowing you to collaborate with others like never before.

The features include

  • Message waiting indicator
  • Google search
  • Advanced calling features
  • National language selection
  • Setting the date manually or automatically.
  • Voice activity detection
  • Large display and easy to use
  • and more

Dlink 400 series IP phones – SIP Business phone

Its wide inter-operability features make this Dlink series a great option for business in Nigeria. The PC’s can be connected directly to tis instead of connecting top LAN straight. Its supportive features include

  • Support for multi user – 6 SIP accounts
  • Support for emergency call
  • Caller ID display and High definition sound
  • Password protection
  • Can store 500 contact numbers and names
  • Feature to look for the call history (100 received calls, 100 dialed calls, and 100 missed calls)
  • Acoustic Echo cancellation and noise suppression feature
  • Advanced calling features
  • Conferencing facility
  • Indicator for incoming calls and more

Why Dlink Lagos, Nigeria?

D-Link telephone systems and IP phones Nigeria delivers a great feature to your evolving business. To meet the various business needs, D-Link has got a wonderful line up of Telephone systems. Additionally these systems are able to deliver results that the business expects. It offers good hardware and software flexibility and this makes enterprises to pick Dlink IP systems as their favorite choice. Depending on the business requirements and the budget, they have the option to pick solutions as they want.

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