Are you trying to find roaming in your workplace location? If you do not wish to bond with your Desk phones, make use of DECT phones. Dect phones linked to your workplace telephone system, and also you could make and also get telephone calls, like a work desk phone.

A WiFi or DECT phone network includes a dealt with the cordless base terminal connected to the PBX system as well as the variety of cordless mobile phones connecting to the deck base terminal. The DECT phones could run voice communication under the DECT base terminal coverage location. The variety of the system could expand by utilizing several ‘repeaters’ or ‘signal boosters’ by positioning it between the base terminal and also DECT phone. The IP mobiles are smaller sized, lighter and also consist of even more functions compared to analog versions. A DECT phone is exactly the same as a mobile. As opposed to making use of GSM network we develop our very own cordless connect with the aid of Dect base terminal and also repeaters. The Public telephone line comes in the DECT phones by setting up the backend PBX system. All the desk phone functions like teleconference, expansion phone calls, call transfer and also call waiting is offered in Dect Phones.

Depend upon the deck system utilizing the technology could be expanding to one base terminal [Tiny Office] to various base terminals and also repeaters. [bigger Offices]

Dect phones in Lagos are extremely useful in little as well as huge workplaces, Hospitality sector, Large storage space rooms as well as Ware homes.

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yealink dect phones nigeria

The future generation Yealink SIP Cordless Phone System developed particularly for small companies as well as SOHO individuals. Yealink Dect phones in lagos are cost-effective, function abundant & & scalable.Its a total SIP-based mobile interaction system. Yealink dect phone attributes ultimate high quality as well as the highest degree of procedure simpleness. Yealink simply satisfy all your cordless phone requirements. it’ll make on a daily basis calling a straight-out positive, appealing experience with flexibility.

Yealink W52P is a SIP Cordless Dect Phone Lagos made for local business and also SoHo that are seeking prompt price conserving yet scalable SIP-based mobile interactions system.Combining the advantages of cordless interaction with abundant service functions of Voice over IP telephone systems, User could gain from flexibility of motion, natural voice interactions, multi-tasking benefit, expert functions like intercom, transfer, phone call ahead, 3-way conferencing, PoE and so on. This system deals with the majority of the SIP sustained IP PBX system.


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RTX VoIP and also DECT Phones Lagos are suitable for any kind of property, office, or service, looking for a sophisticated, expanding cordless wheelchair Dect service with exceptional audio high quality. RTX Dect Phones Lagos improve performance for hectic customers that need to be obtainable whether they remain in the workplace or other places on the facilities. The RTX Dect system could be broadened up 200 phones and also 40 base terminals. Each base terminal assistance 3 repeaters in the daisy chain. These capacities make RTX DECT phones appropriate for the small workplace as well as large campus.

RTX Dect system assistance smooth handover of DECT phones when utilizing in huge workplaces or Warehouses.An individual on-call move from one location to another base station coverage area without any interruption on the call. The individual never understands the phone call has actually been turnover from base 1 to base2.


The Grandstream DECT phone Lagos is both efficient as well as inexpensive. It is straightforward to set up and also of a premium quality, making it preferably fit for both local business workplaces as well as domestic customers.

Grandstream DP715 VoIP DECT Phones are future generation top quality and also essential to take advantage of DECT Cordless IP phone. Grandstream Dect phone attributes portable dimension, high audio quality, superior efficiency as well as cost efficient. This DECT Phone has broad protection, approximately 150 feet inside your home as well as approximately 1000 feet outdoor coverage. That will indeed permit individuals to delight in the advantages of flexibility with a minimal financial investment. These DECT phones support SIP/DECT criteria as well as compatible for adaptable implementations.

grandstream dect phone nigeria


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When talking about DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology) we are talking about a technology that was possible thanks to Gigaset (formerly Siemens). That’s why should not be a surprise that Gigaset products are leading the way in new standards like Eco DECT. As its name implies, Eco DECT phones are greatly focused on power saving and environmentally friendly features. Gigaset Eco DECT phones are able to adapt the transmission power depending on the distance from the base station hence saving energy.

It’s not a secret that hearing weakens over time. Gigaset is aware of it and that’s why they went that extra-mile designing Life Series. All Life Series phones come with flexible volume control, extra-loud speakers, special acoustic profiles ranging from high to low-frequency sounds, handsfree functionality and they are even certified by the European standard ITU-T P.370 as hearing aid compatible, which means you can use your hearing aid device without any sound quality degradation.