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Overcoming risks associated with thefts, illegal activities and crimes are often considered as the biggest challenges. However, it can be effectively deal with proper security measures. When it comes to business this kind of activities may affect the identity and success of an organization. CCTV surveillance is much beneficial in reducing the risks and it is a good tool for safeguarding people and property all time. There might be situations in which business need to monitor employee activities. So having it installed in the office has the advantage of improving employee productivity too.

Significant growth has been made in CCTV technology allowing the customers to choose advanced security cameras for a wide range of security applications. High-risk activities are monitored quickly and can be taken actions quickly. So business considering implementing a CCTV security should consider high-quality security cameras and providers.

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The majority of the clients are looking for the amazing digital video security and surveillance system, but now they do not need to be worried about in the presence of the Axis CCTV in Nigeria. All the security cameras are used to provide the indoor/outdoor monitoring as well as to detect the suspected visitors without their knowledge. The videos of these visitors are used as proof that is highly beneficial for reducing criminal activities. It allows the user to take advantage of the digital video processing technology, digital video storage capacities, digital video processing technology. All these innovative devices are admired for offering wonderful options and features to functionality and performance. Axis CCTV in Lagos Nigeria offers the high tech security camera system to its users that can be called entirely stand-alone system. Some important features and qualities are given as under.

  • It is a system that facilitates the user to view remotely; that can be controlled through the internet on computer easily.
  • It contains an amazing component system as an efficient contemporary security camera system. It can be known as an individual part of the system, that can be matched without respect of the matching it easily. A user is facilitated by creating a custom-designed system that is extremely suitable as per their needs. This quality makes it popular among clients.
  • The current video camera system has features that are highly appreciable for all cameras, monitor and processors/DVR, (Digital video recorder).


axis cctv nigeriaSolution with Axis CCTV cameras

We specialized in providing CCTV security surveillance with Axis cameras. Axis communications have the reputation of introducing innovative security cameras in the market. It delivers a wide range of high-quality IP cameras and network video recorders. As an Axis distributor in Nigeria, the solutions we deliver with cameras ranging from High definition to infrared types is very much useful in the complex surveillance applications. With their proprietary light finder technology Axis cameras have the ability to offer quality and clear pictures even in poor light conditions. The camera types include fixed cameras, Modular cameras, panoramic cameras, explosion protected cameras, thermal cameras, PTZ cameras etc…

Axis is a market leader globally renowned in network videos and has recently surfaced as a robust force behind the shift from analog to the digital video surveillance system. This recent shift has made the network safer and smarter and has resulted in providing more technologically advanced grounds for progression of products. Axis has provided innovative platforms with recent technology to enhance its products and move towards modernity. This brand has developed in the ingenuity of its products with great efficiency. Axis CCTV Cameras in Nigeria are secure, smart and reliable. Their use is globally expansive. The Axis CCTV Cameras record the videos and prove useful in surveillance systems.

The rotational heads of the Axis CCTV aid the camera to take a full view and record the videos with much proficiency. The motion detectors also help with the process. The high resolution of the videos provides a clearer view. These footages are then used for a number of purposes. On the whole, Axis CCTV Cameras play a crucial role in the Surveillance system and serve as great closed-circuit television cameras, compared to a lot of other competing brands.

Types and Features

The various types of CCTV cameras ensure versatility in their performances. Following are the types of Axis CCTV Camera:

  • Dome Camera
  • Bullet Camera
  • CCTV Camera
  • Capture Bullet Camera

The CCTV cameras are high-performance; vandal-resistant and outdoor-ready fixed for highly advanced security systems. The camera can view with a wide angle using a telephoto lens, axis CCTV cameras offer high-quality video even when processing fast movement of the object. The resolution is high resulting in clearer footages. The survey monitors of the surveillance equipment also have features that can improve the resolution of a blurry photo, and focus on a faraway object or person.

The Axis CCTV cameras have power over Ethernet, which eliminates the need for power cables reducing installation costs. Furthermore, the CCTV cameras have top image usability and wide dynamic range. They also have a day/night vision feature and a P-Iris lens for optimal image clarity. The weatherproof cameras have low, environmentally friendly power consumption. They have features which make them resilient to changing weather conditions.

All features are not present in all types of Axis CCTV Cameras. Only specific features are present in each, equipping them to be performance-specific. The various types and features of Axis CCTV cameras make them extremely useful and vigilant in carrying out their purpose.

Axis Supported Network Video Recorder

Network Video Recorder is used with IP surveillance systems where it captures the images from IP cameras. It delivers an easy to install solution suited to different axis network products. NVR with video management software manages and control the videos in a better way. With the latest features and options, it is certain that you get the best experience ever imagined. We help you design and install CCTV security with Axis supported NVR in tune with your requirements. What else more you need? As the leading Axis supplier in Nigeria, CCTV Nigeria deliver turnkey solutions to your any kind of security needs.

axis supplier nigeriaGet the best with Axis security systems.

We provide our best experience to build a high-end security solution and CCTV installation with Axis CCTV systems in Nigeria. Our solutions extend to other regions of Lagos as well and it includes all part of Nigeria. Our expertise, we guarantee you, our service will be a great asset to your business. Leave your security worry to us and focus on other facets of business with contentment.

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About Axis:

Axis is the known name in the world of technology. They offer astounding organizations for the immense satisfaction of respectable clients. They assure that all the users will always remember, their administrations. They are famous for their extraordinary innovative and most proficient CCTV cameras in Nigeria and all its states. Now they are popular in the world of technology by the grace of their elegant experience. They perform with massive passion and give you genuine performance with great functionality. All the CCTV Cameras are manufactured in an extreme, genuine form to make the delivery and output durable and perfect. They are offering complete convenience and provide quality products at reasonable prices.