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Dahua CCTV in Nigeria is a provider of video surveillance products and known for quality and affordability. Dahua Advanced security technology safeguards millions of premises across the world. Dahua CCTV in Nigeria helps to protect lives and property effectively and reduce operating expenses significantly. Dahua Security platform which offers a broader scale of security and a better watching of the key areas. With video analytics technology Dahua security solution enable easy detection of criminal behavior that reduce the risk of wrongdoings across your premise. Dahua CCTV is well suited for home, offices, factories, ATM, Traffic control and warehouses. As a Dahua distributor in Nigeria, Lagos we offer complete support for our customers and partners.

Is the security system a necessity for your business and residence?

It is important now to secure your business and homes with advanced security measures. Though varied options are available in the market, making it secure with the CCTV security is much beneficial. CCTV is a great tool to reduce illegal activities and increase employee productivity.

dahua cctv lagosWith the video surveillance, you can keep a close watch on the activities happening around. Now the security cameras come with the latest features and options that are capable to produce high-quality images. Improvement in the CCTV technology helped the business to increase protection and security in a cost-effective way. So doubtless to say, the security system is a necessity.

Dahua CCTV Nigeria Enhances Efficiency or your Current Home Security Alarm System:

As a need of the day demands, there must be an alarm system already installed in your home. These alarm systems usually notify you by sounding an alarm when someone tries to break-in through the door or a window. If you add a CCTV system to it then you might have an actual visual account of the proceedings in case any unfortunate event does happen.

Monitor you Home easily from no matter where you are:

If you were thinking that you could only monitor your home security only through the screens installed inside of your home then my friend you are so wrong. The world has been revolutionized by the advent of the Smartphones and so has been the surveillance industry. You can view the footage of your CCTV cameras right on your mobile phones even when you are halfway around the world! All you need is a working internet connection and an appropriate system installed.

CCTV Cameras are not that Expensive:

The general conception is that the CCTV camera systems come with heavy installation and maintenance costs. That can be held true if you are talking about larger packages for commercial establishments. Many security companies now offer easy and economical packages depending on the type of system you require along with how many cameras you want to be installed. Make sure you check with several providers as you are bound to get a reasonable quote from one or another. Also imagine the sense of calm and security you and your family will feel once you know that you have eyes and ears everywhere.

Make the surveillance with Dahua security products

dahua cctv camera nigeriaLike that, once taken the decision to install CCTV security at your premises, the selection of the systems is also important. A good CCTV provider can help you to pick the best system for your security need. When it comes to the manufacturer “Dahua” is considered as the best in the industry. Dahua is specialized in the manufacturing of advanced security cameras and recording systems. Their technology is advanced enough to provide any kind of surveillance in varied applications.

As a proud Dahua distributor in Nigeria, CCTV Nigeria takes your surveillance in a better way. We help you to design cost-effective security solutions with the Dahua IP cameras and Analog cameras. The range of products we deal with includes DVR and NVR as well.

Why Dahua IP cameras and analog cameras are best?

Dahua IP cameras

IP cameras come with the features and options that can be used in various surveillance applications. Additionally, these cameras are good to use in varied weather and lighting conditions. Some of the features such as high megapixel and high-quality lens, wide range capacity, IR filtering etc…ensure that events are clearly captured. Some of the common features include Dual stream encoding, Night Vision, Event trigger, Noise reduction feature, Different megapixel cameras and much more.

Dahua Analog cameras:

Dahua analog cameras are better options too. It is a perfect fit for an analog surveillance system. Come with the latest features and functionalities, Dahua Analog cameras are good for a wide range of security application. The features of High resolution, Night Vision, Privacy masking, Picture adjustment, Support Noise reduction etc… makes this product a good choice.

Manage and control video footages with Dahua NVR and DVR.

Dahua Network Video Recorders

Dahua NVR control and manage the videos in a better way. The features include real live view support, recording, and preview, real-time playback, Intelligent Search, multiple network monitoring, Acquisition of IP address automatically etc…

dahua cctv supplier nigeriaDahua Digital Video Recorder

DVR or Digital Video recorder can be paired with Analog cameras. Dahua Digital Video Recorder is a better option for the business who still have analog surveillance systems. It has different models including Hybrid DVR, Professional DVR, and Home level DVR models.

We have core experience in developing solutions with the Dahua security cameras. Being a Dahua distributor in Nigeria, we help you provide proper security that covers important areas and assets. We are operational in the regions of Nigeria.

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Advantages of  Dahua CCTV Nigeria Surveillance Systems

If you were asked to quote a single concern you have against the modern day busy life of today, what would be your answer? Most of us would obviously state the safety and security of our loved ones and our homes. While there may be particular neighborhoods where you might have been residing for more than a decade now and you know most of the people on the street but there is still the concern of whether you could leave your home for longer periods of time without any surveillance? As our world turns into an urban jungle, every one of us is too busy to even notice what the neighboring home is going through. In such a scenario, your best bet is to choose the security of your property and your family first!

And the easiest and the most efficient way to do so is to get a video surveillance system installed in and around your home. There are many options available in the market but this article provides you an insight on how installing a Dahua CCTV Nigeria can get you on top of your security game! Dahua Technologies has been a world leader in providing state of the art CCTV surveillance facilities around the globe. Keeping a watchful eye on your home has never been easier since most of these systems give you the ease of access through your mobile phones or tablets.

Here is our list of top benefits for you to consider before you install a Dahua CCTV surveillance system in your home.

Increase efficiency of your House-Help with Dahua CCTV Nigeria:

There might be a couple of people you may have employed for helping you in maintaining your home. These people might include your housekeepers or nannies, or the gardeners working in your yard. Since these individuals are employed by you, therefore, you pay them for the services they provide. A real-time CCTV footage can enable you to keep a check on the level of efficiency of your work staff. Also, the staff itself would be more conscious of their actions since they could see the cameras recording their actions.

Another benefit of installing a CCTV surveillance camera to your home’s surrounding is that it warns the criminals beforehand to think twice about breaking in. nobody wants to be caught in the act on a video. So seeing a CCTV camera staring back at you would automatically reduce the chances of your home becoming a target of the wrongdoers.

CCTV surveillance cameras are obviously a precaution and prevention towards deterring a crime. But if in any unfortunate condition a crime is committed, then you have proper evidence on your hands to follow through the legal proceedings. You could use the footage to identify the criminals as well as for making claims from the insurance companies and other law-making authorities.

In case of a theft or a break-in, there might be a situation where are unable to access the phone or somehow your alarm does not go of. How would you intimate the police of the break-in? Specialized Dahua CCTV systems have this provision to sound an alarm not only on your premises but also in the security companies’ office so they could immediately notify the police about the break-in as soon as it happens. This can keep you family safe and worry free when the disaster strikes. You can have the peace of mind that whatever is going on inside of your home, the authorities are already on their way to get you out of it!