Improve your Telecommunication with Grandstream  IP Phones Lagos

Grandstream Lagos is one of the leading names in Telephone communication. Moreover, it’s a leading brand that established itself on behalf of its commitment to qualitative products. The Grandstream IP Phones Lagos remain the top provider of telecommunication products, well thanks to its vast variety of telephones and other communications products.

About the Company – Grandstream

Grandstream is the leading manufacturer of IP/Voice Telephony solutions. This company services SMB and consumer market with its affordability and innovation.  Grandstream improves the security and production while remaining affordable. The Open standard SIP products we offer are interoperable with attractive features and unmatched flexibility.

Grandstream IP Phone Lagos offers rich telephony experience with superior sound quality. It improves your communication with video chat solutions to cut your travel costs. As the VoIP Phones are ideal for small to medium businesses on behalf of their functionality, the Budget Tone from this brand proves to be perfect for home office and residential communication needs.  The Grand Stream products are rich in advanced features. While offering cutting-edge solutions, these phone remain traditional to provide an exclusive user experience.



Grandstream IP Phone Models


Grandstream Telephone System

In the present increasing cost-conscious economy, SMBs are trying to find feature-rich IP-PBXs at the cheapest cost. Many SMBs are likely to sacrifice some advanced telephony features to simply get the basics, including call transfer, three-way conferencing, auto-attendant, and voicemail. Advanced features for example call queues or phone call recording are nice features to own, but many SMBs aren’t able to pay for higher-end IP-PBXs with this functionality. Fortunately, Grandstream pbx systems products not just have the “basics”, they have  advanced functionality which include call queues , Voice Mail, Voice Mail to email , Mobile Client , SIP Trunk , IVR , Call Detail Records and fax functionalities.

There is a large selection of feature rich Grandstream IP Phones available to select. Along with Grandsream phone Grandstream PBX support Polycom phones . Dlink Phones , Yealink Phones , Fanvil phones , Panasonic UT Series sip phones and RTX Dect Phones. Gransream PBX allow you to choose from lot of phone models.

What make Grandstream IP Phones Different ?

The Grandstream IP Phone Lagos provides you affordable products with high value. These phones are known for their incredible sound quality with interactive features. The Grandstream provides SIP-based Products and services.  Video phones are known for reducing travel costs while the VoIP phones are best suited for small-medium business.

The Budget oriented series, Budgetone are ideal for residential and home office use. Grandstream allows you to enjoy the benefits of VoIP system with its reliable and affordable product range. Considering all this, following are a few reason you need to choose Grandstream over others.

  • Affordable Prices
  • Ease of use
  • PoE
  • High Audio and Video Quality
  • Interoperable with SIP products
  • Large Display
  • Intuitive Interface


Grandstream Enterprise IP Phones

The GXP Enterprise IP Series & GXV Series from Grandstream is made with advanced telephony features included the multi-line indication, Integrated PEO, Hands-Free Speakerphone and interoperable. These series is best recommended for small to mid-size businesses.

Consumer Analogue Telephone Adapters

These are the Handy Tone Analogue Phone Adapters that comes with affordable access devices based on propriety technologies. The Grandstream HandyTone Series begins with the entry-level IP telephony user with leading third-party VoIP service providers. This series is compatible with almost any service provider as it is interoperable.

Enterprise Analogue Gateway

These series allow small to medium as these create a seamless working environment with the integration of traditional phone system in VoIP network. While at it, this series also help to reduce the communication costs. GXW series is specially designed for interoperability with IP-PBXs. The Softswitch and SIP based environment provides great for video communication with the GXW Grandstream IP Phone Lagos series.

All in one IP PBX

The GXE series is best recommended for small to medium sized business. If you are looking to improve your communication, then nothing will provide you better than this. The GXE is known for its voice combination voice, fax, video and much more. It brings small to medium business communications to a whole new level. As it is reliable, easy to use and deploy.

Best selling Products

Grandstream offers a wide variety of top notch phones. Following are a few of its bestseller:

Grandstream GXV3275

GRANDSTREAM-GXV3275-LAGOSThe Grandstream  GXV3275 is a   Video IP Phone with 6-line  multi-platform video conferencing solution and an Android tablet to provide an all-in-one communications solution. The GXV3275 IP PHONE LAGOS  runs the Android Operating System and therefore offers full access to the many Android apps in the Google Play Store . Apps may  include popular productivity and business apps. The Grandstream GXV3275 IP PHONE IN LAGOS  experience is delivered with a 7 inch touchscreen featuring integrated Bluetooth, Gigabit ports, a built-in web browser, integrated WiFi,PoE and HD audio . By combining the strength of multiple devices into one, the GRANDSTREAM GXV3275 IP PHONE LAGOS  is the perfect solution for many communication, productivity and video conferencing needs.

Grandstream GXV3175v2

GRANDSTREAM-GXV3175-IP-PHONE-LAGOSA perfect example of telephonic modernity. The GX3175v2 takes communication to another level with HD video calls. This phone features WI-FI and Ethernet port with an entirely operational internet browser. The Security is built on HTTPS and AES protocols. This model integrates the NAT technology for plug and plays without any configuration. It supports 3 SIP accounts with Dual USB and mini HDMI ports.

Grandstream GXP 2020

The GXP 2020 remains as one of the best offerings of Grandstream Phones Lagos. This phone offers up to 6 line connections. It also has multi-party conferencing and language support. GCP 2020 comes with four XML programmable soft keys with seven programmable keys with SIP platforms. This device can be mounted on walls and flat surface. If the user needs more line, this phone offers extension modules for 56 programming buttons and lines.

Grandstream GXP 2200

It comes with an Android OS. This telephone introduces the smartphone technology in the older enterprise phones. The GXP features a 5-inch touchscreen display and allows to run applications such as YouTube, Skype, Twitter and even Facebook. This Phone stores up to 1,000 contacts while it keeps almost 500 call history logs.

The GXP2200 phone can function up to six phone lines with their unique SIP codes. This phone features conferencing up to five lines.  The Expansion modules for this phone are status recognition, caller ID and a vertical LCD.

Grandstream GXP2120

This is not your typical Phone as it comes with a built-in automated personal information features and services. This telephone provides you access to the stock exchange, local weather and even RSS Feed Data. It shows caller idea with different six lines and SIP profiles. GXP2120 provides you different menu options with the option of clear communication with hands-free or speakers.

This phone comes with a built-in audio echo cancellation for clear communication.This device can store up to 2,000 contacts with 2,000 records of call history.

Is Grandstream Right for You?

Despite you have just set your business, or you are switching to hosted VoIP communication, the Grandstream IP phones can serve you needs. Whether you are running a small company or large enterprises, the Grandstream Phones Lagos has a vast array of phones featuring standard features. Top end features such as distinctive ring options, programmable speed dial, multiple language capabilities, speakerphone and much more.

The Grandstream IP product range is impressive. Due to their dedication for excellent communication, the industry has rewarded this Phone Company with numerous awards and accolades.  The wide variety of products has been economically priced, and they are easy to use. The Grandstream phones easily fit in the Vonage business of IP Telecommunication. Before you buy, compare different Grandstream phones with each other to assure you enjoy the best.