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Communication sector is in the path of development with VOIP technology. This really has transformed many business into profitable ventures. It is interesting to see as how it is beneficial for the business – communication over internet is cheap, you can make unlimited calls, enhance productivity and efficiency, and bring customers and business closer. This technology led many business to upgrade its infrastructure with IP based telephone systems. Leading IP PBX systems have the advanced features that are enough to support a whole communication infrastructure. There has been a large scope for the business to flourish in Nigeria. Communication being an important element, it is necessary to have a powerful solution. Upgrading telephone systems could do wonders for your business. If that is the case, which system is better? – Definitely Grandstream IP PBX systems Lagos.

Delivering positive results with Grandstream telephone systems Nigeria

Once you have finalized your decision, it is good to consult with a leading IP telephony provider in Nigeria. From designing to installation, Datavox assist customers to get a perfect solution with Grandstream Systems Lagos. Grandstream has the reputation as the leading manufacturer of communication systems. Combined with state of the art technology, Grandstream IP PBX systems change your business where it make you noticeable among your competitors.


Grandstream solutions for a better communication

Your desire to enhance business productivity is complete with Grandstream UCM series IP PBX systems. Designed to fit for the most demanding environments, it develops a best infrastructure that produce immense opportunities. Grandstream Nigeria UCM series consists of the models UCM6100, UCM6200 and UCM6510 series.

UCM6510 Series: This series bring easy to manage and modified unified communication solution for your businesses. It is enriched with great security features to protect business from vulnerable threats. The systems are power-driven by advanced hardware and software applications. Capable to supporting 2000 users it is definitely a wonderful option for converged voice, fax, video, data, security surveillance and mobility applications without any recurring or license costs.

Some of the features include

  • Supports up to 200 concurrent calls and 2000 SIP endpoint registrations
  • Quick set up
  • T1/E1/J1 connectivity
  • Unlimited SIP trunk accounts
  • Extensive security protection using TLS, SRTP and HTTP
  • Support to 2 analog telephone and Fax FXS ports.

UCM6200 series: If your business is looking for centralized telephone solutions, then this series keep an authority on your telecommunication demands. Combined with the finest technology, it has the most refined converged features that promote voice, data and video communications. This is the industry leading telephone PBX system that supports many users and simultaneous calls.

Some of the features

  • UCM 6202 and 6204 Support 500 users and 30/45 calls
  • UCM 6208 support 800 users and 100 simultaneous calls
  • Tracking phone usage facility
  • Supports for the 5 level IVR
  • Built-in call recordings server
  • Recordings accessible through web browser
  • Good security protection
  • Support to FXS ports and FXO ports

UCM 6100 series bring unified communication solutions to small and medium business environments in an easy to manage way. This series are enhanced with an advanced hardware and software functionalities. Capable to support up to 500 users, this product offers a complete solution for the converged communication without any recurring costs and licenses. Like the previous models this system is also easy to set up and manage. This is an on-premise IP PBX comes with 4 variants. These systems are enriched with extensive features that can be customized as per the user requirements. With these features in store Panasonic UCM 6100 is a promising solution to the small medium business environments. The systems are affordable as well.

  • Call detail records
  • Supports up to 500 users and 60 calls
  • Support 2 analog telephone FXS ports
  • Support up to 50 SIP trunk accounts
  • UCM 6102 model has a NAT router and in-built firewall
  • Call recording facility
  • Extensive security protection using TLS, SRTP and HTTP
  • Call queue and SIP video
  • Voice mail
  • 32 conference attendees

With the kind of features these systems provide, it’s no wonder why Grandstream IP PBX systems are the finest option for your business.

Grandstream IP PBX Models.


Grandstream Lagos designs and sells IP telephony products to SMB and the consumer market. This company offers a broad range of quality Voice Over products that introduce the Enterprise Analog Gateways, Consumer Analog telephone adaptors and much more.

The Video Telephony product range of this company includes IP video Surveillance with cameras, encoders, and decoders. Also, this company also provides with accessories such as wireless adapters and expansion modules. This company is known to sell it provides through the resellers and its distributors.  Apart from all this, Grandstream network is also known for its Touch Screen IP multimedia phones, Video phones with IP PBX solutions. This company is headquartered in Brookline Massachusetts while it also operates is offices in California, Dallas, Texas, and Shenzhen.


Range of Gigabit IP Phones

Recently, The Grandstream Lagos introduces its new Gigabit IP Phone named as the GXP HD 1628. This phone features two lines with two different SIP accounts. Also, it also allows dual gigabit network ports with an integrated PoE and eight programmable Speed Dial and Busy. Not to mention, this phone also features lamp field buttons. The interesting thing about this new phone is it lets the user enjoy network speed of a desktop PC including its visual presence and line status combined with multiple extensions. The HD 1628 also features a one button call option for your convenience.

Speaking about Grandstream Phones, it is worthy to mention that every phone comes with XML language support and users can program up to 3 keys. These phone support 20 different languages. However, a few particular model features Backlit LCD and three-way conference option. Back to other products, they come with Duplex speakerphone that allows for acoustic echo termination. Last but not least, all models come with dedicated buttons that allow for intercom and paging. These phones can store up to 500 contacts with 200 records of the call history.


Grandstream Telephone System

Being beyond others in the communication Domain with Datavox Nigeria – IP telephony provider Lagos.

We are experts at delivering solutions with advanced series of Grandstream IP PBXs Nigeria. Solutions with Grandstream systems Lagos truly are powerful that provide voluminous benefits. You are accepting the service of excellence through these systems. As a Grandstream Distributor in Nigeria, the responsibility to deliver cutting edge solutions with Grandstream systems is perfect with us. Businesses are looking to revamp the infrastructure or to implement new infrastructure in Lagos, It’s a great deal to get the system done by Datavox Lagos. Any way it is worth to come with best systems in the world. We are focused to providing customers with cutting edge solutions with the Grandstream products across country. Consult with us and get to know how our solutions will be useful for your business.


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