Polycom SoundStation Duo Lagos- Best for Conference Calls

Polycom SoundStation Duo is greatest conference call solution for those business persons who are looking conference call device with crystal-clear voice. Do you heard about Polycom SoundStation but don’t familiar with Duo? Then the answer is that Duo meaning is that it has dual analog with IP conference phone support. It includes in world’s first class audio conference devices that help all users to enhance their business with its amazing features.

This SoundStation provides high-quality voice system either you’re using analog mode or IP conference calling system. It can set up on both systems easily. Polycom SoundStation is deploying versatility to both small and midsize conference rooms. It works efficiently which gives a great impact on your clients with its real-time voice interaction.


Polycom SoundStation Duo Lagos Features:

Polycom SoundStation Duo has these great features that mentioned below:

  • Polycom SoundStation Duo give deployment flexibility both mode analog and IP conference system.
  • Its set-up is easy and gives guide along with a device that explain all set-up steps.
  • It can convert IP to mode analog automatically.
  • It gives 10-foot large microphone pickup range that gives a great
  • It gives the extra expandable option for coverage larger conference room.
  • It provides High Definition audio quality that allow users to enjoy the natural flow of voice.
  • It gives you 2.5 mm port to connect to your smartphones or PCs for internet calling purpose.
  • It provides a platform with soft with and SIP-based PBX.
  • It provides web configuration tool which set-up your system when boot server needed.


Benefits of Polycom SoundStation Duo:

Polycom SoundStation Duo is a great way to develop your business with a wide range of conference conversation. Do curious about that how its work and why should you choose this conference system? Then you should check out the list of benefits of Polycom SoundStation Duo which mentioned below:

  • It can operate with mode analog environment.
  • The build-up to give best services in large coverage areas.
  • It supports the transfer of IP to analog or analog to IP Conference
  • It has a best soft with a platform that features the best voice quality.
  • Best-in-class investment protection that support analog line but transfer to VoIP also.
  • It is a convenient system that covers wide SIP platform area.
  • It has enhanced SIP software that handles the calls, its security system, and another feature.
  • It has application port that enable its connection with tablet PCs or smartphone for internet calling.
  • It can easily attach to wireless devices such as smartphones during conference call easily.
  • It allows you great voice calls without any distraction and noise-free audio quality.

How to set-up?

Quick start guide is giving to the users for set up its system. You can set-up this system with web configuration tool that make it easy. It also eliminates the boot server when the need arises.