Logitech USB Cable 10M Lagos Nigeria


Logitech USB Cable 10M Nigeria

With up to 8x the reach of ordinary USB 3.x cables, Logitech Strong USB Cable 25 Meter lets you separate USB peripherals and a host PC by up to 10 meters. The aramid-reinforced active optical cable is plenum-rated and Eca certified for commercial installation in walls, above ceilings, and within standard ¾” conduit.



Logitech USB Cable 10M Abuja, Lagos – For Logitech Tap, Rally Camera, and MeetUp


Compliance with the USB 3.2 Gen 2 specification assures backward compatibility with USB 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 devices and ports. As an active optical cable, Logitech Strong USB Cable 10 Meter delivers up to 10 Gbps for devices with their own power supplies, including Logitech Tap, Rally Camera, and MeetUp.


Unlike typical USB cables that can break during or after installation, Logitech Strong USB Cable 10 Meter In Abuja, Lagos is built to last. With 200 newtons of tensile strength and a 1000 kg crush load, Logitech Strong USB is plenum-rated and Eco certified to pull through walls, above ceilings, and within standard ¾” conduit.


Logitech Strong USB Cable 10 Meter reaches across meeting rooms and open offices to connect a self-powered USB device or hub to a host PC. By eliminating the need for USB extenders, Logitech Strong USB eliminates points of failure while reducing cost and complexity

Logitech USB Cable 10M – Specification

  • 10 Meter lengths for long cable runs
  • Plenum-rated and Eca certified for in-wall installation
  • Aramid-reinforced for strength and reliability
  • Works with Self-Powered Devices and Hubs
  • Pull Through ¾” Conduit
  • Install in Walls and Above Ceilings
  • Aramid-Reinforced for Commercial Installation
  • Eca Compliant
  • Plenum Rated
  • Compatible with USB 2.0
  • Compatible with USB 3.x
  • Data Rate 10Gbps
  • Part #: 939-001799