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Samsung CCTV now the Hanwha Techwin is the answer to today’s need for high performance, high definition CCTV Security Systems.  Hanwha Techwin is a global security surveillance company possess high-end CCTV security product line up for every type of business verticals and every environment. How do you ensure that your business is prepared to reduce the security risks? Are your security plans produce the desired results? These are some of the serious questions you have to ask yourself when it comes to the security of your business and premises.

hanwha cctv lagosIt is important for the business to think of the seriousness of improved security measures. Ensuring proper protection has always been a need, but the security strategies in place have never been producing proper results. So it is time to look for advanced security surveillance measures. CCTV security has gained much importance among entrepreneurs and homeowners due to the level of surveillance it provides. More than ever, the installation of CCTV security bring many benefits regarding employee productivity as well.

It is always good to trust the branded systems, once you have determined to install security surveillance systems at your office or homes. All Hanwha CCTV products are carefully designed, so they meet the needs of their business owners. Thanks to its long search and a lot of experimentation, this company seemed to have to get rid of every malfunction reported by clients in CCTV. Well, that’s another honor under the brand’s belt.

samsung cctv nigeriaEnhance security with Samsung / Hanwha CCTV systems in Nigeria

Samsung /Hanwha has proved its worth in the CCTV systems too. Utilizing technology, the company produce high-quality cameras and accessories as well. Samsung cameras are known to be suitable for various surveillance applications for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. VDS is widely acclaimed as the Samsung CCTV distributor in Nigeria. As the leading CCTV security solutions provider, we can provide solutions to any kind of complex security environments. Luckily! Full range of Samsung / Hanwha Techwin cameras is available with us. Type of cameras includes Analog, AHD and IP versions.


 Samsung / Hanwha Product Range

Samsung offers a wide range of Cameras to help you manage and monitor your location. Depending on your precise requirements, whatever you want, analog or IP network cameras, and it provides you all with audio inclusion along with remote camera control function that is paired with Noise Reduction.

samsung cctv supplier nigeriaProviding Professional Video Solutions

Samsung CCTV Nigeria is based on leading-edge technology that is a bit unique to the security industry. Whenever you try Samsung products, you will feel the difference in quality as compared to other providers in the market. This accounts for all, CCTV, IP, and even Network Access Control. This brand does fulfill it provides and delivers a top range of security cameras with complex surveillance solutions that are compatible with both Analog and Network systems.

Samsung continues its tradition of developing products that meet the precise requirements of its clients. Following the path of developing distinctive technologies for special uses as well as setting new benchmarks for quality.

Samsung – Now Hanwha CCTV Camera Systems

The Samsung CCTV Nigeria provides utmost performance along with time to meet the quality standards. This features SSD, which is better defined as Samsung Super Dynamic Range for better image quality in even ambient light conditions. Also, these systems also work with DIS that it is defined as Digital Image Stabilization.

samsung ip camera lagosFurthermore, the brand has seen its best efforts for getting rid of unwanted vibrations and video distortion for better stable images, which it did. Along with that, this brand also increases the video recording capability of all its digital recording devices.

This makes the Samsung CCTV product range avoid the image loss that results in thanks to backlight with DSP technology. The Samsun WRD lets stable output from cameras to come as a result of light changes as it brings forward the very best offers for camera systems.

Samsung Analog Cameras

Samsung analog cameras are a good choice for your surveillance needs where these cameras can be applied to monitor the activities around homes and Samsung Analog Cameraorganizations. These cameras can cover your security concerns in a better way. The range of cameras includes bullet cameras, fixed domes, UTP cameras, PTZ cameras, etc.… high resolution, night vision, privacy masking, Digital Noise Reduction (for some products), video analytics, and more.

Samsung IP CameraSamsung IP cameras

Due to its advanced features, the importance of Samsung IP cameras is growing wider. Comes with the advanced functionalities, these cameras meet today’s security demands in a refined way. The range is available in varied models including bullet cameras, fisheye cameras, fixed domes, wireless cameras, box cameras, etc.… The features include high Resolution, Night Vision, motion detection, remote accessibility, Digital Image Stabilization, backlight compensation, etc.…

Samsung NVRSamsung Network Video Recorder

Samsung NVR is critical in IP surveillance systems. It initiates simultaneous recording, live view, alarming, remote access of live streaming and other facilities from IP cameras, all personalized for a wonderful viewing. Samsung Network Video recorder comes with advanced features to actively manage the client environment against various surveillance situations remotely and onsite.

Samsung DVRSamsung Digital Video Recorder

What DVR does is that it record video streaming from the analog surveillance systems in digital format. Managing the analog videos in digital is a good option and to exploit this Samsung has presented itself with Digital Video recorder that opens up all possibilities in CCTV surveillance to a great extent.

Leading Samsung distributor in Nigeria, CCTV Nigeria has years of experience in delivering quality solutions to the industries in Nigeria and other emirates including Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain, and Ajman.

A good security system is needed in a city like Nigeria for the business and homes. With the Samsung Security systems, CCTV Nigeria manages to offer solutions to industries including retail stores, corporate, health care, hotels and more. Besides security cameras, Samsung brings other security products as well which can be applied for planning a complete CCTV security system in Nigeria.

If you have opted for CCTV, then it is worth to get the systems installed by CCTV Nigeria, a leading CCTV solution provider across Lagos. As a Samsung CCTV Distributor in Nigeria, we offer complete CCTV solutions for business and Home across Lagos. Contact us for  CCTV products & CCTV Installation.

VDS Nigeria has a team of technical experts for CCTV Camera Installations, Maintenance, and Repair. We offer Samsung CCTV and CCTV Installation at affordable prices. We provide specialized digital security and CCTV camera solutions for industries, hotels, Schools, retailers, health care institutions, hospitals, and public places.

Hanwha CCTV Nigeria offers you a comprehensive range of surveillance system. These systems are compatible with both IP Network and Analogue cameras. Due to their reliability, Samsung CCTV Products are deployed in International Airports, Schools, Government Institutes, Industrial and Commercial Facilities.

Samsung offers unique CCTV technology that provides top-notch quality in both Digital and Analogue systems. Moreover, this company also provides maintenance insight on your systems to assure they work properly.

The Samsung CCTV provides qualitative security as it uses anti-blur technology for the identification of barcodes and number places. Later on, the system stores them safely. The CCTV system also monitors tough environments with the help of vandalism resistant cameras.

Also of that, these cameras also monitor shipments and goods on both inward and outward using sensing cameras. Carrying on, Samsung CCTV solution works well with Access Control and Alarm Monitoring. Hanwha CCTV Nigeria provides you with the ultimate solution for your business security needs. We keep your business safe and productive for the years to come.

Hanwha is committed to providing the best and expands its product portfolio to provide its clients with something even better. This is one of the few brands which prides on the product range is specially designed to entertain the needs of its clients.

The Hanwha CCTV in Lagos offers competitive advantages in security has it has implemented its own cutting edge technology along with the far most advanced DSP chipsets. Thanks to its vision of technology and years of experience, these brands seamlessly offers the best security product range in the market including everything you will and might need.

VDS provides a comprehensive range of  CCTV System with IP cameras, Analogue CCTV Cameras and IP network based CCTV Systems. The effectiveness of Samsung CCTV security cameras has resulted, deployment into major international airports, schools, organizations, government projects, industrial and commercial facilities as well into small retailers and home CCTV throughout Nigeria. Contact VDS for CCTV Systems today to get professional advice and find out how we can assist your CCTV surveillance Installation and security camera needs to ensure that you protect your most valuable assets.