Yealink SIP T29G IP phone Lagos Nigeria

Communication has become easy with the introduction of VOIP technology. Now without any worry about the call charges, you can make unlimited calls nationally and internationally. Wouldn’t it be looking nice? Yes, really the service has transformed the business communication in a productive and efficient way. There are some factors to be considered when it comes to the IP communication – the capacity of your broadband line, the kind of rental plan you have chosen and so. Business find it more useful with the system, where it offers a rich calling experience to customers that enhance productivity among employees. The important factor is the IP phones you choose to have the communication. Comprehensive phones are available in the market that have been designed to meet the various business communication requirements. Choosing the best always produce quality results additionally it strengthens the customer satisfaction too.  Yealink SIP T29 HD IP phone Lagos could be the best choice for your business in Lagos, Nigeria. Moreover, to power communication structure, Datavox bring the best solution with the Yealink IP phones Lagos.


Enhancing communication with Yealink T29 IP phones Nigeria

Yealink is the foremost player in the industry dedicated to producing world class IP phones to the various industrial uses. These phones come with various features that have been designed for the special class of business types. To name few, it has Desktop IP phones, Skype for business HD IP phones and Wireless IP phones. In the Desktop IP phones category, there comes different models. Yealink SIP T29 HD IP phone fall in the category of T2 Series IP phones.

Yealink offers high end IP phones to help you maintain your business but also to expand it. The company manage to include exclusive features regularly. Let’s see why T29G makes it ideal for your business. The Yealink T29G Lagos is a High definition SIP IP phone with a 4.3-inch LCD. Besides that, this phone is capable of supporting various functionalities that you find it difficult to see in other manufacturer systems. This is the versatile model of Yealink T2X series. It boasts features including the power over Ethernet support with wired and wireless headset along with EHS.

Leading the Business Market

This is known as one of the highly-advanced phone being offered by Yealink. With 276 line keys, it boosts your business productivity. It allows you to create paperless labels for your frequent contacts and busy lamp fields. The line buttons help to utilize red and green led to display you the statuses of contacts, features of this phone and much more.

It can also connect to a Bluetooth-enabled headset just by plugging a USB dongle. This phone allows the support for six expansion modules at once to change the powerful attendant console. The Optima HD voice tech helps you to stay productive by providing wideband audio along with echo cancellation. Also, the Yealink T29G Lagos comes with adaptive jitter buffer and true to life sound quality.

Ideal for Businesses of All Size

Being an advanced IP phone Yealink T29G IP phone Lagos is designed for busy working environments. It has all the features of business phones such as 10 line keys, caller id, duplex handsfree and much more. Also, this phone also has the option of 3-way conference, SMS, Voicemail with a phonebook that can contain over 1000 entries. It supports six expansion modules to increase the capacity of this phone. It comes with a POE. Therefore, it has no power supply.

Thanks to its wide range of functionalities, this proves to be a great set for some different settings. Following are the few features of this phone:

  • Support up to 16 VoIP Accounts
  • Advanced call handling features
  • Giga Byte Network
  • Call Transfer and call waiting
  • 3 Way Conference
  • XML Phonebook
  • Support for more than 20 languages
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • Easy to use and can mount on wall.
  • Music on hold
  • Call completion and call recording
  • Caller ID with name and number
  • 10 line keys with LED

Being the main distributor of Yealink IP Phones in Lagos, Nigeria we have the right phone systems for your business needs. We also carry out the business telephone system installation for the enterprises in Nigeria. We are the leading IP telephony provider that is capable to design solutions for varied business communication requirements. With our unmatched solutions, the enterprises get the best communication experience that allow business to stand out from the competitors. To know the details on various Yealink IP phones Lagos, Nigeria, contact us.