Yealink T48G Lync Phone Lagos Review

Communication has reached to a new dimension with the introduction of VOIP technology. This technology turned the way the business communicates and the interaction with the customers.  As an effective solution, IP based solutions opens wide opportunities to the enterprises where it helps to expand the business horizons. Utilizing the wide scope of this technology, many communication majors come with the advanced IP products. Normally the products include the IP PBX systems, IP phones, VOIP gateways, expansion modules, conferencing systems and so many. IP phones are the key to managing the communication successfully. Identifying suitable IP phones for the business is a complex choice now as it come with multiple features and options. Depending upon the requirement of your business in Lagos, Nigeria, a reliable telephony provider can offer you suitable IP phones with the best features. Being a trustworthy IP telephony provider in Nigeria, Datavox give your business a boost with the Yealink T48G IP phones Lagos.  

Why Datavox Nigeria?

Datavox is known to the industry as the best IP telephony provider in Nigeria. As a Yealink distributor in Lagos, the solutions we provide with the Yealink IP phones Nigeria will put your business on top. Yealink has the reputation as the leading manufacturer of high end IP phones in the world. Among the line of products, Yealink T48G IP phones Lagos is the finest since it is designed for the fast-changing business environment. Having a look at the description of Yealink T48G IP phones will help you get an idea before you make a purchasing decision.


Why you should consider Yealink T48G IP phones for your growing business in Nigeria?

It is the most ground-breaking IP phone from Yealink that finds it use in all kind of business and industrial environment. It comes with a large touch panel that makes effortless switching among the applications and screens. Like in the previous models of Yealink IP phones Lagos, it is equipped with the patented Yealink Optima High definition technology. This create the feeling that the persons are having the live meetings. Lot of other features are easily supported, it is designed for to use in the Gigabit Ethernet environment. Additionally, it initiates the fast call handling and support various application such as the Bluetooth USB and a Wi-Fi USB dongle.

Some of the other productive features incorporated in the Yealink T48G IP phones

  • Innovative design
  • Yealink Optima high definition Voice
  • Wi-fi and Bluetooth USB support
  • USB recording
  • Support for the expansion modules
  • It is easy to mount on walls
  • Simple and flexible provisioning options
  • High definition voice and speaker
  • provision for storing 1000 entries
  • brilliant search method
  • Anonymous call, anonymous call rejection
  • 3-way conferencing
  • Call waiting, call forwarding, call on hold

Being the main supplier of Yealink IP Phones in Lagos, Nigeria we have the suitable solution for your business needs with the varied models of Yealink phones. We also carry out the business telephone system installation for the enterprises in Nigeria. We are the leading IP telephony provider that is capable to design solutions for varied business communication requirements. With our unmatched solutions, the enterprises get the best communication experience that allow you to stand out from the competitors. To know the details on various Yealink IP phones Lagos, Nigeria, contact us.

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