Yeastar Mypbx SOHO VoIP PBX

The Yeastar Mypbx SOHO is an embedded hybrid PBX for small and domestic offices. You can get the benefits of this hybrid solution because it features a combination of VoIP application and legacy equipment. It is a good and cost-effective solution for almost 30 users. This fully-featured embedded hybrid IP PBX provides PSTN and ISDN BRI connectivity. It is useful in various countries because of multi-language support, such as Chinese, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. You can get the benefits of all embedded features to make and transfer calls. The call waiting services are also available with on hold and call transfer music. Its use will be beneficial for your office because it can increase your productivity while reducing cost.

YEASTAR MYPBX SOHO LAGOS Yeastar Mypbx Soho Lagos Nigeria

Highlighted Features of Yeastar Mypbx SOHO

  • It can handle almost 15 concurrent calls and 32 users
  • Four analog ports of FXO and FXS
  • Attend transfer like call park, call pickup, call transfer and call forward services
  • Caller ID and Distinctive ringtone
  • Facility to blacklist the calls
  • Call forward services
  • Yeastar Mypbx SOHO Lagos features CDR (Call Detail Records)
  • Automated attendant and attend transfer
  • Intercom and zone intercom services
  • Direct inward system access (DISA)
  • Spy functions like normal spy, whisper spy, and barge spy
  • Firewall security and SIP TLS Transport

The Yeastar Mypbx SOHO Lagos provides intercom music on hold and calls transfer facilities. The paging queue, ring group, is routed by the caller ID Skype integration. The user can get the benefits of three way calling voicemail to email voicemail forwarding. There is a web-based control panel that is easy to configure and increase your productivity. You can connect with your clients in a better way. The hardware interface contains 1 LAN port, 4 FXO and FXS ports, and 4 BRI ports.

User-friendly Web Interface

The Yeastar Mypbx SOHO Lagos is quite different than ordinary networks. You can easily configure voicemail services and set the password to manage the extensions and call recordings. The default username and password to log in the web interface of SOHO is:

  • User Name: Extension number
  • Password: Voicemail Access PIN#

If the default username and password are not working, you can ask the administrator to know the right name and password. You can configure call setting page to enable different features like “follow me, call waiting, DND and ring out”.

Mobility Extension Number

The mobility extension number is useful to activate the cell phone to work as a mobile extension. If a cell phone number is set as mobility extension number, then the cell phone can get the authority of extensions. The user can check voicemail and call other extensions, mobile numbers and PSTN with the help of cell phone.


The voicemail is an excellent feature of Yeastar Mypbx SOHO to enable users to leave a voice message. The setting requires a password to access voicemail, enable or disable this feature and send the voicemail to an email address. You can set the new voicemail password and enter an email address for the voicemail.

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