Yeastar Mypbx Standard Lagos for Small Business

The Yeastar Mypbx Standard Lagos is a standalone embedded hybrid system designed for small business organizations and offices. It is good for almost 100 users that offer the flexibility of integration of ISDN, PSTN lines, and VoIP, GSM, UMTS trunks. It offers cheap and good quality communication to reduce the additional cost. The technology is based on the advanced VoIP technology, and it can be used with the traditional network. The voicemail has 3000 minutes and 16 analog ports of FXO and FXS. The system is based on the modular technology, and the user-friendly web interface makes it easy to configure it.

Yeastar Mypbx Standard LAGOS Yeastar Mypbx Standard Lagos Nigeria

MyPBX Standard – Highlighted Features

  • The Yeastar Mypbx Standard is good for 100 users and 22 concurrent calls
  • It features almost 4000 voicemail minutes
  • It has almost 16 analog ports of FXO and FXS
  • You can cancel echo to get crystal-clear voice quality
  • The LAN support is 10/100Mbps and WAN support is 10/100Mbps
  • Multiple language support like English, French, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, etc.

User-friendly Web-based

The system is easy to deploy and manage with the help of web-based configuration interface. The multi-language support and voice prompt make it convenient for all users from different regions.

Robust All-in-one Features

It can deliver enterprise-class communication facilities and functionality to SMBs. The users can enjoy cheap network because there is no need to pay licensing fees in the future. It is scalable with plug-and-play ease because no licensing fee is involved.

Modular Technology and Optimum Security

The flexible combination of FXO, FXS, BRI, GSM, and UMTS modules makes Yeastar Mypbx Standard an excellent choice for you. It is quite secure to communicate with others without any fear of attack and abuse with a firewall. The perfect interoperability is available with the mainstream IP phone. If you want an energy efficient choice, then you can use it because the Yeastar Mypbx Standard Lagos requires low energy. It is perfect for the set up of your green office.

Basic and Advanced Features of Yeastar Mypbx Standard

  • Basic call features like the callback, call parking, call pickup, and call routing, call waiting, call back and Yeastar Mypbx Standard offers caller ID services.
  • You can blacklist a number and get the benefits of Skype integration
  • Speed dial and 3000 voicemail default minutes are available
  • You can dial number by name
  • Phone Provisioning is available for Aastra, Cisco, Scene, Fanvil, Grandstream, Yeaklink IP phones

The Yeastar Mypbx Standard Lagos is an affordable system for small business organizations and home offices. It can meet the highest standards and the basic call handling features make it easy to use. There is no need to worry about additional charges and a licensing fee. You can save a good amount of money. If you are worried about your old network, then don’t panic because the system can be configured with your traditional system. In this way, your old investment will not be ruined, and you can get the benefits of a high-quality communication system.

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