Yeastar Mypbx U510 Lagos Powerful IP PBX

The Yeastar Mypbx U510 Lagos is an enterprise-grade solution designed for your business organizations. It is useful for more than 500 users and support 80 concurrent calls. The system offers almost 16 phone ports for FXO, FXS, GSM, CDMA, UMTS, and E1,T1 ISDN BRI to provide scalability and cheap solution. The system is simple to manage and you can attach it to your current network to save the old investment of your organization. The users can get the benefits of echo cancellation support for HD quality calls. The multiple languages supports Korean, English, Chinese, Dutch, German, Spanish, Thai, Turkish and various others are available. You can do your business with complete privacy and without any tension.

Yeastar Mypbx U510 LAGOS Yeastar Mypbx U510 Lagos Nigeria

Highlighted Features

  • Spy functions, including normal spy, whisper spy, and barge spy
  • Voicemail to email and voicemail forwarding facilities
  • Echo cancellation support is available
  • Dimensions: 19″Lx5″Wx14″H.
  • Weight: 9.75 lbs.
  • 1 * ISDN Port

Lots of Features in One Device

The Yeastar Mypbx U510 Lagos is a powerful system because of its features and excellent performance. The 500 users can get its support and it also provides 80 simultaneous calls. The basic and advanced call handling features will increase your efficiency. It is quite cheap to use because the users will not require paying additional licensing fees to get the full capacity.

Customizable Features

The Yeastar Mypbx U510 Lagos is a modular based system with flexible telephony interface. The system will help you to connect analog phones and fax machines. You are free to choose physical trunks for your system. The multiple port connectivity is available with one embedded E1/T1/PRI ports are available.

Easy to Manage System

The system is easy to manage with the help of a user-friendly web interface. You can configure your settings, such as set up your system and add users. Different boxes and a drop-down list are available. You can fill the text fields to configure the setting.  The plug and play set-up is easy to configure, and you can also configure the templates for IP phone batch editing.

Perfect for Your Green Office Setup

If you are concerned about energy saving, then you can use Yeastar Mypbx U510 Lagos because it requires less power as compared to legacy systems and IP-PBX servers. It requires less power and expense to make a green office. The embedded system can be controlled with low power consumptions. It is a good choice to protect your environment.

Excellent Interoperability

The Yeastar Mypbx U510 Lagos is a tested device for PBX, VoIP gateways, ITSP and IP phones. The customers get the flexibility to choose from different vendors and service providers to fit their needs. The guaranteed compatibility is available for different IP phones, such as Cisco, Yealink, Polycom, Panasonic, snom, Aastra, Tiptel and various others. It is compatible with Asterisk, Elastix server, Tribox, FreePBX, 3CX and many others.

The users can get maximum support and facilities by using this advanced system. It is possible to connect it to your current system to save previous investment. It will be an excellent addition to enhance your productivity.

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